Things To Do Near Kusadasi Cruise Town 2018

Things To Do Near Kusadasi

Best Things To Do Near Kusadasi

Kuşadası (or Kusadasi) cruise port is located in the Izmir city of Turkey. Mediterranean cruise ships anchor in this area to let the cruise passengers visit beautiful Kusadasi town. Majority of the passengers join shore excursions in order to visit the famous Ephesus Ancient City.

Istanbul & Kusadasi Cruise Ports

There are two popular Cruise Ports in Turkey. One of them is the Istanbul Cruise Port and the other one is Kusadasi Cruise Port. Ships which are coming from the Mediterranean journey usually stop in the Kusadasi Port first. Passengers leave the ferry to see the Ephesus. Next stop would be the Istanbul to finish the trip.

picture of Kuşadası Port which is located in İzmir city of Turkey
Things To Do Near Kusadasi
Kuşadası Cruise Port

How Far Ephesus From Kusadasi Cruise Ship Harbour?

Ephesus Ancient City is located approximately 20 kilometers away from Kusadasi Harbour. It takes nearly 25 minutes to reach Ephesus from the harbour. Our travel agency arranges a comfortable minivan to pick you up from the harbour. A driver and tour guide accompany you during your journey to Ephesus.

Map Of Aegean Coast Turkey

Things To Do Near Kusadasi Map
Map Of Aegean Coast, Turkey

Things To Do Near Kusadasi Cruise Port 2018

Here is a list of best things to do near Kusadasi and the cities to visit.

Major Places To See In Aegean Coast Of Turkey

Here are some basic information about the major places to see in Western coast of Turkey.


Izmir is one of the largest cities of Turkey. Most populated city of Turkey after Istanbul. İzmir has Çeşme, Alaçatı, Foça, Urla and Kuşadası provinces which are worth to see. Especially Alaçatı village is very trendy nowadays.


Bodrum has always been a popular holiday area for locals. Bodrum is one of the largest tourism industry with a lot of five star hotels and holiday villages. Large number of foreigners and many locals have summer houses there. Bodrum has a Cruise Port too.


A nice holiday province especially popular among British tourists. There are a lot of hotels and facilities as well as rental houses for tourists. Marmaris is one of the most popular area with its great beaches.


Fethiye is a pure beauty of Western Turkey. A flawless beauty of nature: Ölüdeniz also located within the Fethiye province. It’s a perfect place to stay several days. Boat tours and paragliding activities are very popular.


Literally not a part of Aegean Sea coast. Kaş is located in south of Turkey and within the famous holiday city Antalya. Kaş is untouched beauty of Turkey. No big hotels or holiday villages but only boutique hotels. Unspoiled spot with great beaches.

For more information about Things To Do in Turkey, you may check the Turkey Private Tour Guide blog page. This website publishes useful articles about Turkey’s best things to do, best places to stay, best ancient cities to visit etc.

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Best Things To Do In Kusadasi 2018 & 2019

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