Temple Of Artemis at Ephesus Facts and History

Temple Of Artemis Facts

Temple Of Artemis at Ephesus Facts and History

Temple of Artemis is dedicated to the Greek goddess Artemis. Altough the site has nothing more than ruins, the beauty of the temple can be seen even today.  The temple is considered as one of the original Seven Wonders Of The World. It was literally known as the gem of the ancient world.

Reconstruction Painting of The Temple of Artemis

Temple of Artemis
Temple of Artemis in Ephesus

History of The Temple Of Artemis

Ephesus was founded as a Greek city by the King Anroclos. The city initially had the Cybele cult. Cybele was known as the goddess of motherhood and the fertility. The first temple had dedicated to Cybele. Afterwards the cult evolved to Artemis.

Ephesus was the member of Ionian Leauge and it was the prominent city of the Ionia. It was located by the Aegean Sea and it was very important trade center. The harbour of Ephesus was a very busy one and the rival kingdoms were aiming to invade Ephesus when they got the chance.

King Croesus

Lydian king Croesus finally captured the city in 600 B.C. The people of Ephesus did not actually fight to protect the city at all. Because they were convinced that the Goddess Artemis would do it for them! Artemis was supposed to protect the city from any kind of evil or enemy. Therefore they lost the battle and the city fell to Croesus.

The Persians

Croesus was a wise king and he paid the respect to the Temple of Artemis. He did his best to adorn the temple. Later the Ionia entirely invaded by the Persians but Ephesus managed to survive this invasion thank to it’s political manoeuvres.

A Pyromaniac Set Temple Of Artemis On Fire

A guy named Herostratus set the temple on fire to immortalize his name in 356 B.C. Alexander the Great offers to rebuilt the temple but he wanted Ephesus people to name the new temple after him.

People of Ephesus kindly rejected the offer. They built the temple again and this new temple became the one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Roman Empire

The Ephesus city was dominated by The Diadochi (generals of Alexander the Great) for some time. Then the Roman Empire came and captured almost entire Anatolia.

Ephesus lived its golden days under the reign of Roman Emperors. Especially during the Nerva-Antonine dynasty. Roman Emperors like Trajan, Hadrian made a lot of invesment on Ephesus city.

Therefore the city became the shining star of the east. They even proclaimed the Ephesus as the capital of Asia. The Library of Celsus also built in those days.

Library Of Celsus At Ephesus

Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
Library of Ephesus

Ephesus city and Temple of Artemis was at the peak of their power and fame during the reign of Roman Empire in 1st and 2nd centuries (A.D.)

Later the city lost its importance due to the allivium brought by the river nearby. The harbour is filled with continious alliviums.

Ephesus became an inland city. Altough the Roman Emperors tried to clean the harbour and bring the Ephesus city back to its glorious days, they failed

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History and Facts about the Temple of Artemis

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