Museum Pass The Aegean Worth it? Cost 2018

Museum Pass Aegean

What is Museum Pass The Aegean? Where to buy it? Cost of the Card

Museum Pass The Aegean Turkey 2018

Turkey has many historical sites all over the Western Coast. The ancient cities, historical temples and many other tourist attractions scattered around Aegean Sea region.

For those who are interested in the Greco-Roman history and archaeology, Turkey is a great place to visit. Since there are too many sights around Turkey, entrance fees to these sights cost a fortune.

Turkish Culture & Tourism Ministry recently released a tourist-friendly museum pass. You can purchase Museum Pass The Aegean to visit many museums for a reasonable price.

Museum Pass The Aegean differs from Istanbul Museum Pass product. While Museum Pass Istanbul tourist card gives you opportunity to visit Istanbul’s museums, Museum Pass Aegean gives you much wider range of museums to visit within a whole region.

Museum Pass The Aegean Tourist Card
Museum Pass The Aegean Turkey 2018

Where to use the Museum Pass The Aegean?

Aegean Museum Pass is a practical Tourist Pass Card to enter Ancient Sites & Museums at the West Coast Of Turkey.

The Western Coast of Turkish Anatolian Peninsula faces with the Aegean Sea, therefore this area is called Aegean Region.

Aegean Sea used to be a home to Ancient Greek Civilizations in the ancient Ages (B.C.) Later Roman Empire took over. The most significant city of Aegean Coast (also known as Ionia) was the Ephesus.

Where is Ephesus located?

Museum Pass The Aegean Worth it?

You may enter to Ephesus Ancient City with this card. The Card is valid in three cities: İzmir, Mugla, Aydin.

These cities have a significant Greco-Roman heritage with Ancient Cities and Museums. So the card is worth the money if you are travelling along the Western Coast of Turkey.

If you would visit just the Ephesus, then the card is much more expensive (185 TL) than the ticket price which is 60 Turkish Lira.

Museum Pass The Aegean Cost 2018

Cost for Museum Pass The Aegean card is 185 Turkish Lira as of 2018. You will be able to visit all museums & ancient cities within three of Turkey’s beautiful cities: Izmir, Mugla, Aydin.

If you would like to check the visiting information about Ephesus Ancient City (including entrace fee & opening hours) I would recommend you this article: Ephesus Entrance Fee and Opening Hours

Aegean Museum Pass blog post by Serhat Engul

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